Nursing profession through my biology a level i have

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Unformatted text preview: study A level science was not an easy the nurses in the role of caregiver and decision. After all, I had a comfortable practitioner knew immediately when Claire career as a Tourist Information Officer, a was experiencing discomfort and how happy marriage and a beautiful daughter. Get Into Uni | 46 Get into uni Midwifery I became convinced that my professional career was midwifery when I had the distinct honour to witness the birth of my niece. continuity lends a rewarding completeness nearly completely positive form of to the care. unity for women. As a child, I was frequently in the While nurses and doctors work in heroic, company of adults and recall sitting with noble professions, their primary obligation The setting of their home seemed so my mother and her friends, listening to is to care for the sick and injured, whereas perfect that I now find it difficult to imagine their conversations about the important midwives are caregivers to the well and childbirth taking place in the impersonal events in the ‘grownup’ world. Ironically, participate in the life-giving process. confines of a hospital. For as long as I the profession that would put me in the I see midwifery as the best course for me, can remember, I have had an enthusiasm company of the youngest members of and with my education and passion for for life and a desire to be involved in the the human race attracts me most now. the field, I believe I will succeed. I will world around me. The prospect of helping There is no single event more integral to a one day tell my niece how her life has people has driven me to fulfil many goals, functioning society than that of childbirth. changed mine. and becoming a midwife is a natural extension of my interest in medicine. In primary and secondary school, I received the highest marks in science and Midwifery brings a sense of dignity, history, both of which have influenced awe and intimacy to the processes of my decision to pursue midwifery. The pregnancy and childbirth that has been scientific aspects of reproduction and all but lost. To represent a profession the natural pain management techniques that returns this natural occurrence to utilised in this profession fascinate me. the home and integrates the family into the progression of life would be a Oddly enough, though, it is history that great honour. has influenced me most. While studying the suffragette movement and the In addition to the natural process, the Representation of the People Act, I was relationship forged between the expectant impressed by the strength of the women mother and the midwife draws me. The who joined together to achieve a word ‘midwife’ literally means ‘with a common goal. I knew then that I wanted woman’, and I look forward to participating to be a woman who joins and supports in that nurturing aspect. Midwife’s do other women. more than merely perform a function; they provide a comforting presence for As opposed to any form of protest, my the mother and her baby during the stand of solidarity of studying for...
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