Only strengthened my desire to study for an mba what

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Unformatted text preview: ch explains my draw towards appearing on television. Just as fascinating is the film industry. practical experience for our benefit, yet Everyday, my fascination with Media we took great pride in making a valuable Studies increases. My motivation to programme. The format consisted of a host pursue this degree began long ago on the and a panel that discussed issues such as primary school stage and will continue religion, and school grading systems. throughout my life. I remember growing up loving the great The consensus was that I moderated the European and American films. My desire discussion effectively, and I found the to study the media has driven me to fulfil environment a welcome alternative to many goals in life, and I know that this is the usual passive attitude I saw students truly my dream. The opportunity to study showing towards such important topics. Some of the episodes resulted in quite heated discussions, such as one that I hosted that transformed into an intense debate on moral beliefs. motion pictures, electronic arts, and television will help translate my goals A Media Studies degree will prepare me to into reality. work in television or film. Exploring other genres, such as radio and documentary Fortunately, I have had the opportunity film, spark my interest as well. to work on different ventures related to the media field. During my A-Levels, I During the last five years, I have been on a became involved in a school production continual journey to improve my skills and for the Community African Society. This have built a significant portfolio of print experience has enhanced my general and visual materials. knowledge of African life as well as improving my production skills. Media Studies is my passion, and whether I end up in front of or behind the camera, In addition to the school production, I have no doubt that a degree in Media I participated in a student-produced Studies will benefit me. As someone with news program called ‘Student to Student’. an open mind who constantly searches for Although only broadcast in the school, new knowledge and information, I am a the news program served mainly as a highly teachable and enthusiastic student. Get Into Uni | 4 Get into uni Medicine () Why do you wish to study medicine? the proper treatment, it is also about rounds, an MRI scan, a skin biopsy and passing fundamental knowledge to future an endoscopy clinic, all of which I found Being healthy is perhaps the thing we all value most, but the intricate functions of the human body are a mystery to most of us. I have always been fascinated by how the human body works. This passion of science combined with a desire to help people has led to my decision to become a doctor. Hospital in Coventry. I observed the ward generations. Living the spirit of hospital interesting. I spent the most time with life convinced me that medicine is the path the haematology team, responsible for I wish to follow for my career. The rewards patients with diseases such as Chronic...
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