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Unformatted text preview: siotherapist was intelligent transforming itself. New techniques hard work, and I am prepared to do it. I will and compassionate, and helped me and procedures are being discovered have much to learn about the human body understand everything she was doing. She and practised every day. This means and about all of the latest treatments and said that, in the past, surgery was the only that I could be in on the ground floor of techniques. On the other hand, I will be in way to repair injuries such as mine. Now, something revolutionary, which would be a field that is growing and I will be able to however, sophisticated therapies have beneficial to me in terms of career options, quench my curiosity by constantly learning been developed. and would also be a great benefit to the about the new discoveries being made. patients I would be helping. All in all, it is a good thing I injured my In the same way, pain management techniques have become more Of all medical specialties, physiotherapy ACL. This experience has ultimately lead sophisticated in recent years; and yet, is among the most exciting. Unlike some me to a fascinating career. many of the treatments are incredibly physicians, who are merely helping simple. Some tissue can even be patients avoid illness, the physiotherapist www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 50 Get into uni Politics () The relationships that exist between governments, the UN as a global authority, the process of conflict resolution and the alliances that governments form to take international measures all fascinate me and inspire me to learn more. I base my own political ideology on the notion that we can make the world stronger through international cooperation. of politics and the daily operations of a outside of study, though, is cooking political centre. oriental cuisine. I particularly get pleasure from cooking noodles and making sushi This included meeting many of the for my friends and family. Playing sports constituents, as well as reading some of and creating such intricate dishes has the MP’s cases that addressed topical taught me discipline that I can transfer issues such as transport, educational to my studies. funding and issues of social justice. Along with these skills and experiences, Furthermore, I participated last year in I believe that the most important quality the National Youth Parliament competition I can offer is my passion for the political which recreated a parliamentary session world. This degree program will give me In order to properly inform myself of based on the House of Commons. Our the tools I need in order to make a greater current events and different political group of approximately thirty students impact on the the world. viewpoints, I take advantage of the created a video in which we debated sources I have at my disposal. I enjoy current political issues such as lowering reading and watching a wide range of the voting age and smoking in public media involving both current affairs places. I enjoyed experiencing political and political theory. I regularly follow debate and learnt more about issues I...
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