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Unformatted text preview: store at the customer and Chemistry. Biology is the key to life, service desk. This demonstrates that I am and I am eager to learn more about how able to manage my time successfully and life develops and sustains itself. The vary my life experience. My main form of complexity of the human body has always relaxation is swimming and drawing and fascinated me. I am captivated by the-ever I have been involved in the artwork and developing new scientific discoveries and designing of several displays, posters and relish the opportunity to study biology at theatre backgrounds. Get Into Uni | 5 Get into uni Science (2) Early in my career, I had the opportunity to expand my microbiology knowledge by working in the laboratory department for Proctor and Gamble, testing new biological and non-biological detergents. in Enzyme development, I lack a In five years I aim to be running a comprehensive understanding of the laboratory department. My career goals, wider scientific skills that I will need to leadership abilities, and scientific move up the career ladder. skills will all benefit from the course. The university learning will augment my Through my part time studies at college I scientific experiences and enable me to am fascinated by cellular neuroscience, achieve these goals. and continue to be intrigued by the During the last two years, I have played an intricate workings of the human body, how My working life has given me a clear integral role in designing new biological complicated it is and yet how simple. The sense of self-knowledge and I believe that powders. In particular, the most recent satisfaction of making new discoveries studying Consumer Science at University experiment involved testing a new in and out of the classroom has made my will provide the academic qualities needed biological tablet. During the product education a delightful journey, which I now to reach my goals. qualification trial the protease cleaning intend to continue. mechanisms failed miserably. In order to get the product to market we had to work I have successfully maintained a balance swiftly to find enzymes to combat the between my work and personal life by protein part of a stain. Within a couple of having many interests. I enjoy listening to weeks, after many different experiments, live music and I have enjoyed travelling. we successfully created a product with the This has enabled me to gain experience of maximum stain performance. other cultures and to reap the rewards of meeting new people. Taking what I have learned in the workplace and applying it to the pursuit of I reached my decision to pursue a degree knowledge in an academic setting is my knowing that I have researched the option current goal. thoroughly, and knowing that I possess the attributes to be an excellent student. Now, at the age of twenty-nine, I have learned many important things about During my studies I envision staying with myself that I did not know. I have reached my present employer, Proctor and Gamble, a time of deep thought and...
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