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Refine my natural artistic abilities whilst also

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Unformatted text preview: . behaviour and thought that have shaped them more aware and appreciative of the past, I would be better able to make their environment and who they are. I informed decisions about my role in the currently work part time as a librarian, structure and future of our society. and this position provides me with an opportunity to hone my interpersonal World War I and World War II are just two and communication skills. Every time I examples of tragedies that humankind lead someone to the information they are could easily repeat. As Sir Winston seeking, I know I have done something, Churchill stated “Those that fail to learn however small, to promote education from history, are doomed to repeat it”. and learning. I am eager to become skilled in the study The study of history at degree level will I believe that the study of history is of past events and the interpretation of stretch my intellectual capacity and really the study of humanity, and that their impact. increase my ability to communicate challenging concepts. In addition, the the study of humanity is the key to the future. By studying the past, I will gain Acquiring a history degree will help me gathering of information, interpreting of insight into the causes of and solutions to do that. History can teach us the origins evidence, and understanding of different social crises, such as starvation, war and of some of our worst moments, but it can points of view will develop invaluable political unrest. also enlighten and inspire. To further skills that will benefit me greatly in both illuminate these points, I aspire to become my professional and personal life. My grandfather’s stories cause me to think a biographer or literary historian. The of the World Wars as examples. No one personal experiences of the people who Most importantly, I possess a strong could have predicted the magnitude of make history, such as my grandfather, passion for history, having been inspired the global turmoil of the first war to end represent the most compelling by what Sir Winston Churchill stated of all wars, not to mention the fact that it components of the past that exist. history: “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely could happen again. The question that frequently arises in my thoughts, however, Another career possibility that interests to see’’. As I think of the atrocities my is perhaps even more relevant: Can it me is teaching. Last year I volunteered to grandfather bore as a young man and the happen again? The answer, I believe, lies teach reading to underprivileged children, lessons that mankind must heed from in the study of history. which provided me with a valuable them, this sentiment rings with the experience of my own. I felt fulfilled to utmost clarity. By studying history at university level, I spend a few hours every week sharing will place myself amongst those who help something meaningful with a younger society understand patterns of behaviour generation. I envisage myself doing this that may be warning signs for the future. on a larger scale b...
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