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Unformatted text preview: ning by free, but whose self-awareness and also with experiences that will enrich my developing the skills of textual analysis existence in a social order and the natural writing. Heeding Ray Bradbury’s warning, and articulation of interpretation by world form constrictive boundaries. I must pursue my reading and writing to avoid reality encroaching on my being. studying English at A-level. This choice of study has not only given me the From my studies of English, I possess the opportunity to appreciate works of ability to derive these deep meanings literature, but has also allowed me to from literary works, and at the same time develop my imagination. Furthermore, I realise that there exist many more that I I have come to learn the different have yet to discover. functions that literary works can serve. As an avid reader and passionate I have always been interested in the writer, I have attempted writing in such debate of moral issues and feel that so a meaningful manner. Fortunately, my many of the great works that we study extra-curricular activities have allowed me Get Into Uni | 9 Get into uni Equine I remember clearly my first experience of horseracing. That day was significant, not only for the fortunes of the runners in the Gold cup at Newbury, but also for me. It marked the beginning of an ambitious path I was determined to follow. The excitement mounted as the large crowd began to build. and have not looked back. My capacity My prime aim is to achieve peak and energy for these studies has been performance. My studies so far have confirmed by my experiences on an been beneficial to my own performance exciting two-year National Diploma in on and off the field. One of my proudest Sport and Exercise Sciences. I have found achievements has been to pass the ‘BHA’ the topics of anatomy and coaching most test through the Pony Club. I compete interesting, and particularly enjoyed the regularly in equestrian events and was nutrition module. I am interested in the invited last year to represent my county in effect of diet on a horse’s performance. show jumping and cross-country. This, I saw, was no ordinary entertainment. To accelerate my studies, I find it valuable Over the last two years, I have gained An environment in which horse nutrition and stimulating to attend conferences and my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh and welfare, and the fine-tuning of every explore developments in the professional Awards and am currently working towards performance, was close to the heart of all world. My passion for equestrian events my gold. These awards have given me those present, held a fascination for me. took me to the Olympic Games in Athens. confidence and many opportunities to I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I observed the dressage, horseback racing interact with students with diverse career and special events for young horses. paths. I have not only learnt about the My parents were naturally concerned that I recently took part in a one-day athletic dynamics of teamwork but also be...
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