Retail industry as a stockroom manager this position

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Unformatted text preview: finance and business, I have a great number of other interests that I My acquisition of knowledge during this pursue. I studied German at A-Level, which course was the result of my confidence proved useful when I worked for a banking with numbers and aptitude for conveying firm in Frankfurt last summer. I was information clearly. My preparation exposed to other points of view, related secured for me an interim work to culture and business. Get Into Uni | 0 Get into uni Law As a young girl, I read Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, in which the book’s hero, lawyer Atticus Finch, honourably defends the life of an innocent man who is unjustly targeted by his neighbours. Since then, I have been attracted to the legal profession by its core essence: ensuring the truth is heard and that decency is defended. As the time has come to decide upon a course of study, Law is truly the way forward for me. statutes that have remained virtually resulting from abuse or neglect in unchanged, such as laws based on ancient their home. Greece or Rome, or those taken from the Bible or the Torah. Their permanence Regardless of my ultimate career illustrates the innate and fundamental destination, I feel that I have the passion nature of rules in society. and dedication to represent the rights of others on a local, national or international In addition to possessing knowledge of the stage. I will pursue areas of study that will past, those who practise law must also be help me steer the legal system; I wish to a part of reshaping the legal system when spee in family law and corporate law necessary. As a part of my school social in my final year. studies class, I spent time in a court of law listening to a burglary case, and I noticed Ultimately, I will be learning about the how barristers for both sides frequently nature of law more so than the memorised cited previous cases. Those cases, and the statutes; its practical purpose, ultimate Educating myself about the intricacies of lawyers who had tried them, formed the goals, application, and of course, how to the European legal system and how this basis for current standards of behaviour in argue its merits are essential to practising system has affected the interpretation and the courtroom. This experience showed me law successfully. I believe a law degree, development of international law will lead first hand the essential role of the barrister combined with determination and me on the path to successfully navigating in determining the form that laws take. dedication, will enable me to attain my goals. Although Atticus Finch is a fictional the sophisticated legal landscape of foreign policy and security issues, which Witnessing the barrister in action, I believe character, I hope to emulate him as a represent topics that will be of the utmost that role, more so than that of a solicitor, lawyer and use my abilities to help others. importance in the twenty-first century. suits me better. I am an analytical thinker and a confident my abilities to help others. In order to look to t...
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