Show jumping and cross country this i saw was no

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Unformatted text preview: en able I would not follow the family tradition and conference dealing with key areas that to develop my interest in music. Through pursue a business degree to help run the can affect both horse and athlete in this scheme, I have widened my social family software business. I was trusted a competitive environment - such as circle and personal horizons: as part of a with the responsibilities of marketing fluctuations in climate. volunteering programme, I will visit India for three months to teach horse riding to computer software to an international primary school children. audience, producing editorials and A great inspiration to me was the national advertising, and liaising with an contribution of Hauke Luther, a trainer international public relations agency. This and member of the German show jumping My decision to commit to train and was a most advanced and challenging team. He led a number of important specialize in equine science and nutrition role that I pursued alongside my business workshops focussing on the preparation has been extremely fulfilling, and I look studies course at college. Although my and training of talented young show forward to learning more about sports position was comfortable and my success jumpers. I intend to explore some of his science on a wider scale. I am highly and hard work was rewarding, my passion ideas more deeply, relating to progressive motivated to pursue this degree and was still to explore the world of the horse elements needed in the education of realise my ambition. and the competitive equine athlete. British riders and their expectations at different stages of their development. I convinced my parents of my determination to succeed in this field, Get Into Uni | 20 Get into uni Finance () When I began my undergraduate career, little did I know that my interest in finance would burgeon into a passion for corporate finance. After earning a major in Economics, I now possess the necessary background to embark on this journey, a logical progression from my studies thus far. seeds as he needed each winter because That day, I realised that finance could they were much cheaper than buying in be a complex and fascinating subject spring. Then, when spring came, he would which fuelled me to pursue a degree at plant those he needed, sell the rest to university. neighbouring nursery and flower shops. His price was always a bit less than that This will arm me with two invaluable tools: of the catalogues and the buyers had the an elevated understanding of the broad added convenience of getting their product base of issues and the advanced training right away. needed to grasp the fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions. With these two At first, I thought my boss would lose tools, I will have the skills necessary to When I reached high school, my money because he was helping his accomplish my long-term goal: to embark investment banker father began to discuss competitors get a head start on the on a career in merchant banking within the finance with me as a career option. At season. If he m...
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