The best decision was to put all money especially in

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Unformatted text preview: through my duties as study the subject further. subjects contributed 50 percent. This a sixth form mentor for the lower school was a fascinating experiment and I learnt pupils, where I provide support and advice During my A-level economics course, the reality of finance and implications for younger pupils who are struggling to I have learnt a great deal about finance, on investment. I learned that being an cope with the pressures of examinations. and I have found it both challenging and accountant requires extremely hard work Through these achievements, I have fascinating. One of the actual events that and determination; however, I believe learnt the rewards of making a positive caused me to realise that my calling is in these are qualities that I possess and will contribution towards school life. finance came during a school economics be able to use. I also have a passion for music, I have experiment – designed to understand financial behaviour. Our team was given My passion for studying finance grew recently been involved in setting up a money to be divided into two accounts further when completing a five week fortnightly club event for 4-7 year old’s in called “private” and “public”. placement with the Chartered Accountancy my local community. Organising events for Firm, H W Fisher and company. This students is definitely something I would Money in the private account was given to experience gave me insight into the world like to get involved in at university. the student at the end of the experiment. of audits and insolvency and confirmed Money in the public account was pooled, that accountancy is more than just figures. I have a real interest in Accounting, and I am a highly dedicated individual who multiplied by a factor of more than one, and then divided equally among all the My time during this work placement only is eager to meet the challenges that teams. We had to decide how much money served to increase my ambition to one university will bring. to put in the public and private accounts to day to work within such a company. I was maximise investment. particularly interested in the effect that the application of different accounting After carrying out market research our techniques, and the further development team found that for society as a whole, of financial reporting regulations, Get Into Uni | 22 Get into uni Forensic Psychology So this was the prison. Trying to control the nervous thoughts that were racing through my mind, I entered the neat compound of humble buildings, surrounded by a forest of trees, fields, and flowers, though without fences or surveillance towers. approach (CPA) framework within the status. During my research into forensic mental health community team. The psychology, I have realised that it is a findings were to be used to improve the dynamic and evolving field, and have implementation of the CPA and enhance identified opportunities to study many good clinical practice. interesting elements. In order to fuel my interests in the...
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