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Unformatted text preview: loped a true passion for marketing. I had the opportunity to practice further my marketing skills during a summer My focus on relationship marketing will work placement at Millward Brown, which mean a more in-depth understanding opened my eyes to the diversity in the field of the needs of individual clients, and a and to the choices available to me. I set development of the practical skills it takes At university, I was always an enthusiastic up a web-based research application that to meet those needs. This knowledge student, and my two favourite subjects helps automate and manage the entire will prepare me for a leadership role in were market research and market market research process by dealing with marketing and will pave the way to a future communications. While this might sound surveys online. The resulting data enabled as a chief executive or even a business like an unusual combination, it is precisely the company to provide vastly improved owner. The skills and experience gained this diversity that has drawn me to study services to its clients, ultimately increasing will guarantee a future in which the marketing further. Studying for an MA productivity and customer satisfaction by sky’s the limit. in Marketing will provide me with the thirty-two percent. Because of technology knowledge base necessary to pursue the and an increase in global communication, career I choose. it is important to learn new business concepts and theories, regardless of the While at university, I gained valuable field I decide to enter. I could easily use experiences both practically and this knowledge to become successful in theoretically that contribute to my management, investment, or advertising. candidacy for this course. Academically, I achieved extremely high marks, earning From this experience, I decided to focus my a first-class degree. In addition, I was the studies on relationship marketing. Earning first student in history to win the Marketing an MA in Marketing will enhance my ability Student Award. Outside the classroom, to think analytically and strategically, to I served as a marketer for the Student understand the psychological and social Union, which included promoting a variety elements that motivate individuals, and of events and activities. This involved to be an effective communicator and conveying key messages to students problem-solver. I will add to my basic through advertisements around campus knowledge and learn to apply theories to and creating leaflets to raise awareness work in the marketplace. Furthermore, I of events. I realised that in marketing, will better comprehend the relationship a successful career depends less on a between customers, potential customers, www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 6 Get into uni Maths () Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by numbers and have had a strong desire to solve problems. Studying A level maths has provided me with the opportunity to concentrate my efforts to the point that maths has become my favourite subject. At School, I did well academically, consistently ranking among the top ten in my class. My most valued non-academic At...
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