Ways that athletes can be affected my from illnesses

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Unformatted text preview: ts science, and of to find out what helps athletes to recover www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 57 Get into uni Surveying () It was an exciting day for the 5 children who flooded into their new school. The structure was built to replace the dilapidated building that had housed the Morning view Primary School for the past 50 years. The facilities were outdated; the paint was peeling; and the bricks and concrete foundation were crumbling. and I was quite a help to her. I looked at never imagined there was a career that her records and gave her information on so perfectly combined them. I will enjoy how much she had raised in the past and learning both aspects of the discipline; from whom. She admired my innovation I am eager to take design classes, but and encouraged me take business I am also eager to learn management classes at school. and financing. I will look forward to the challenge of contributing to the creation At 4, my friends and I decided to start a of buildings that are safe and structurally small business. We were all interested in sound, functional and economically viable, drawing, and we decided to market some but also aesthetically pleasing. of our artwork at local fairs and auctions. Now, the children’s laughter echoed in the Once again, I was the accountant of the shiny new hallways. The science lab was group. I budgeted the cost of art supplies, especially impressive, with state-of-the art framing, travel expense, and then workstations built into the walls. predicted how and where we should sell our work. We ended up making a I had been job-shadowing John, a £250 profit, which we donated to one of Quantity Surveyor, for the past six months. my mother’s charities. He helped determine the specifications of the school building, and was excited at the My friends and family thought I had found completion. This, I thought, is the kind my calling, but something was missing. In of job satisfaction I want. my art classes, I drew mostly geometrically interesting structures, such as bridges, I am drawn to this profession because of long corridors, and archways. My art my interest in economics and business, as teacher suggested I may be interested in well as architecture and engineering. I find architecture, and gave me several books the profession to be a unique combination on building structures. I was surprised at of business, building, and designing. It is how much I enjoyed the drawings. ideal for someone with my talents. The next year, I took a computer-aided My skill in business was evidenced early. design class as part of the school’s art My mother has always been involved in program, and I enjoyed it immensely. charity work, and she often volunteered Now, I was really torn as to what my as a fund-raiser for various projects. As a career should be. I enjoyed business and young girl, I was her miniature accountant, architectural design equally well, but I www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 58 Get into uni Surveying (2) From early childhood, I worked for my fa...
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