Will achieve the goals i have set for myself learnt a

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Unformatted text preview: irst piece of advertising at age thirteen. It was a colourful poster I created for my uncle’s barbershop, and his customers liked it so much that he kept it on show for years. literature, while also nurturing my skills in stress and to work under pressure. smaller arenas. In addition to my outside interests and An image, after all, can make all the In addition to my career, I hope to use my turn that talent into achievement and difference for a company. As a designer, skills to make the world around me better. personal fulfilment. my creations would be an invaluable part I will utilise graphic design to create new of the overall image of the businesses or artwork for gallery and studio viewing and ideas they represented. I get satisfaction contribute my work to organisations that from the knowledge that I am doing educate, advocate, and entertain. I may something sensible and useful, but with a not see my name in lights, but my ambition flair and beauty that is uncommon in the is to see my name in publications, on commercial world. T-shirts, banners and billboards. In addition to graphic design, my other Whilst studying graphic design I will take primary interests have always been pride in every piece of work, whether it business and marketing. It is my goal be an Internet home page or developing a to become a promoter of businesses, company letterhead. academic life, my work and volunteer By combining artistic vision, and my experiences have taught me a great deal computer skills, I will learn the most about the requirements of business life. effective ways to utilise new techniques and software, such as Adobe Photoshop Through the study of graphic design, I will and Indesign. refine my natural artistic abilities, whilst also learning how to use those gifts in I hope to study a variety of areas of the career fields such as business, education, discipline, including computer-aided and entertainment. I will also learn to design (CAD), printmaking, drawing and expand my talents to include expertise advertising. I will then be a marketable, in packaging, illustration, web design valuable designer, who can serve many and other valuable media. In this way, a purposes in a variety of circumstances. graphic design degree will bridge the gap between mere talent and the ability to possibly helping young entrepreneurs to start out on the right foot when Although school occupies most of my time, establishing themselves. I still make room for my hobbies, including swimming, jogging, painting and yoga, While studying graphic design, I hope to which help me maintain my inner peace learn how to create powerful company while giving me the tools to cope with www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 26 Get into uni History () From an early age, my grandfather told me stories about our ancestors in Berlin, and the rituals and traditions of our rich German heritage. Being Jewish, he did not hesitate to include accounts of the great suffering he endured during World War II, and although the narratives he offered often upset me, it also caused me to ponder their worth to me...
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