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Unformatted text preview: private from any 2. Clear, engaging, practical reasons, web-enabled computer. of why you wish to study. straight away. Whether you need help to • A private customer portal – After ordering Editing Services Get Into Uni |  Contents Page Contents page Contents Contents Front Cover  Languages (2) 4 About Us 2 Law 5 Editing Services  Marketing 6 Contents 4 Maths () 7 Architecture 5 Maths (2) 8 Biology 6 MBA () 9 Business () 7 MBA (2) 40 Business (2) 8 Media 4 Chemistry 9 Medicine () 42 Computing () 0 Medicine (2) 4 Computing (2)  Music () 44 Dentistry () 2 Music (2) 45 Dentistry (2)  Nursing 46 Economics 4 Midwifery 47 Engineering () 5 Pharmacy () 48 Engineering/PGCE (2) 6 Pharmacy (2) 49 Engineering () 7 Physiotherapy (2) 50 English () 8 Politics () 5 English (2) 9 Politics (2) 52 Equine 20 Science () 5 Finance () 2 Science (2) 54 Finance (2) 22 Science () 55 Forensic Psychology 2 Sociology () 56 Geography () 24 Sports Science 57 Geography (2) 25 Surveying () 58 Graphic Design 26 Surveying (2) 59 History () 27 Teaching () 60 History (2) 28 Teaching (2) 6 History () 29 Teaching () 62 International Business (MA) 0 Teaching (4) 6 Law  Travel & Tourism () 64 Journalism 2 Travel & Tourism (2) 65 Languages ()  Back Cover 66 Get Into Uni | 4 Get into uni Architecture As an accomplished sketch artist, I have constantly searched for something interesting to create or represent on paper. As an A-Level art student, I drew my inspiration from the land. mystery whose nuances are known only by With this in mind, I have set my sights its creator. More importantly, architecture on a degree in Architecture, and I am is a continuum whereby each generation confident that I can contribute not only to informs the next. the university, but also to helping society. I choose to apply for this course of study Upon completing my A-Level with an eye towards the future. I have examinations, I decided to gain seriously considered forming my own Natural forms caught my eye; the beauty exposure to the architecture field and architecture business someday, which and splendor of a rocky crag jutting took a position with a local architect. would put me on the ground floor of future straight up from the ground or out the side It afforded me a great opportunity for innovations. of a cliff, especially seen from overhead, personal growth, while giving me further dangling from an overhang, aroused evidence that architecture was certainly By studying architecture, I will learn how to my admiration for the artistic potential the field I wanted to pursue. Fortunately bring architectural ideas to fruition, thus of that combination of curves and lines I worked with a group of very dedicated fulfilling social needs. With excitement, I intersecting. professionals, which contributed to envision myself embracing the uniqueness the discovery that participating in the of architecture and learning how to create Creating structures on paper gave me building of a community fosters a personal undulating, dream-like buildings. I see such a thrill, which led me to imagine relationship with the community itself. myself carrying that sketch pad with me the fascinatio...
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