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Unformatted text preview: 'raw-data-file-name' MISSOVER; If SAS reaches the end of the row without finding values for all fields, variables without values are set to missing. proc print data=contacts noobs; run; we can use DSD and MISSOVER together 75 76 Results (Self-Study) Chapter Review Adding the MISSOVER option gives the expected results. PROC PRINT Output 1. What statement identifies the physical filename of the raw data file to read? Name James Kvarniq Sandrina Stephano Cornelia Krahl Karen Ballinger Elke Wallstab Phone (704) (919) (212) (714) (910) 293293-8126 871-7830 871891891-3241 344344-4321 763763-5561 Mobile 2. What statement describes the arrangement of values in the raw data file? 281(701) 281-8923 233(212) 233-5413 545(910) 545-3421 3. What is the default delimiter when the DLM= option is used? Partial SAS Log NOTE: 5 records were read from the infile 'phone.csv'. The minimum record length was 31. The maximum record length was 44. NOTE: The data set WORK.CONTACTS has 5 observations and 3 variables. 77 4. What are the two phases of DATA step processing? 5. What is a program data vector (PDV)? 78 continued... 13 Chapter Review 6. Why would you use a LENGTH statement? 7. What is an instruction that SAS uses to read data values into a variable? 8. When would you use a : modifier? 79 14...
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