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ELEC20402 Experiment 1

ELEC20402 Experiment 1 - ELEC204-02 Technical Report for...

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ELEC204-02 Technical Report for Lab Experiment #1 Resistor Combinations Submitted by: D. Bunn T. Seabolt Date of Submission January 24, 2007
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Purpose of experiment: To use an experimental process in obtaining nominal and measured values of resistor combinations, noting the percent error between the two, as well as familiarizing the lab teams with the equipment used. Part A - Resistors: Model numbers of equipment used Hewlett-Packard HP34401A Multimeter Hewlett-Packard HPE3631A Power Supply Jameco JE24 Breadboard Block diagram of test set up Circuit schematics R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 C i r c u i t A R 2 R 1 R 3 R 4 C i r c u i t B Test Procedure Four resistors were selected at random, then read by their color codes to find the nominal resistance. Each resistor was first put on the breadboard individually and the resistance measured with the multimeter. The measured resistance was recorded and the percent error calculated. After this, the resistors were placed on the board in a way that replicated Circuit A.
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