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ELEC20402 Experiment 2

ELEC20402 Experiment 2 - Measured Current(mA Power(mW...

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ELEC204-02 Technical Report for Lab Experiment #2 DC Measurements Submitted by: D. Bunn T. Seabolt Date of Submission January 31, 2007
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Purpose of experiment To assemble a circuit and measure the voltages and currents of each element. Model numbers of equipment used Hewlett-Packard HP34401A Multimeter Hewlett-Packard HPE3631A Power Supply Jameco JE24 Breadboard Block diagram of test set up Circuit Schematic R 1 1 K R 2 1 0 K R 3 4 . 7 K R 4 6 . 8 K R 5 3 3 K V 1 9 V d c 0 Test Procedure Each resistor was connected to the breadboard and the resistance measured with the multimeter. R4 was a series of three resistors roughly equivalent to the 6.8K noted. Then, the circuit above was replicated on the board. The voltage and current of each element were measured using the multimeter. Data Resistor Nominal Value ( Ω ) Measured Value ( Ω) % Error R1 1K 986 -1.400 R2 10K 9.889K -1.110 R3 4.7K 4.634K -1.404 R4 6.8K 6.713K -1.279 R5 33K 32.892K -.3272
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Resistor Measured Voltage (V) Measured Current (mA)
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Unformatted text preview: Measured Current (mA) Power (mW) R1 .839 .841 .7056 R2 8.165 .818 6.67897 R3 1.0087 .216 .2179 R4 .1696 .025 .00424 R5 7.993 .242 1.934 Resistor Nominal Voltage (V) Nominal Current (mA) Power (mW) % Error R1 .841 .841 .7082 .3671 R2 8.159 .815 6.656-.3451 R3 1.016 .2162 .2198 .8644 R4 .319 .0257 .004491 5.589 R5 7.984 .2419 1.932-.1035 Conclusions After much angst and difficulty, this lab was completed. Measuring the correct values took a close attention to the procedure of measuring them. Various errors in measuring techniques in wanting to “just get it done” were originally propagated to the derived data in a very obvious way (% error in excess of 1 million). After paying close and careful attention to measuring the voltage and current properly in the circuit, the proper data was obtained, presumed to be within statistical error limits....
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ELEC20402 Experiment 2 - Measured Current(mA Power(mW...

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