Depends on the sezng web engine we can make

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Unformatted text preview: of the preceding criteria are measurable: we can quan)fy speed/size   Issue: who is the user we are trying to make happy?   Depends on the seZng   Web engine:   we can make expressiveness precise   User finds what s/he wants and returns to the engine   The key measure: user happiness   Can measure rate of return users   What is this?   Speed of response/size of index are factors   But blindingly fast, useless answers won’t make a user happy   User completes task – search as a means, not end   See Russell hUp://dmrussell.googlepages.com/JCDL ­talk ­ June ­2007 ­short.pdf   eCommerce site: user finds what s/he wants and buys   Need a way of quan)fying user happiness 5   Is it the end ­user, or the eCommerce site, whose happiness we measure?   Measure )me to purchase, or frac)on of searchers who become buyers? 6 1 Sec. 8....
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