G if we were to assume that content from cnncom or

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Unformatted text preview: P IBM www.ibm.com Sec. 21.1.1 Introduc)on to Informa)on Retrieval Big Blue today announced record profits for the quarter Sec. 21.1.1 Indexing anchor text Anchor Text   Can some*mes have unexpected side effects  ­ e.g., evil empire.   Can score anchor text with weight depending on the authority of the anchor page s website   Other applica*ons   Weigh*ng/filtering links in the graph   Genera*ng page descrip*ons from anchor text   E.g., if we were to assume that content from cnn.com or yahoo.com is authorita*ve, then trust the anchor text from them Introduc)on to Informa)on Retrieval Cita*on Analysis   Cita*on frequency   Bibliographic coupling frequency   Ar*cles that co ­cite the same ar*cles are related   Cita*on indexing   Who is this author cited by? (Garfield 1972)   Pagerank preview: Pinsker and Narin 60s Introduc)on to Informa)on Retrieval The web isn t scholarly cita*on   Millions of par*cipants, each with self interests   Spamming is widesprea...
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