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Unformatted text preview: Average Tariff Rates on Manufactured Products as Percent of Value Result: The Shrinking Globe Result: Impact of the Internet and world wide Web wide Results of Globalization: Emergence of global institutions Emergence Post World War II, strong impetus for global institutions. Regional economic integration moving more quickly. e.g. European Union, NAFTA. Globalization has accelerated the need for institutions to help manage, regulate and police the global marketplace, such as GATT, WTO, IMF, World bank, United Nations. Results of Globalization: Results Changing Demographics Changing There has been a drastic change in the demographics of the world economy in the last 30 years Changes in four key areas: • World Output and World Trade Picture • Foreign Direct Investment Picture • Nature of the Multinational Enterprise • World Order 1­19 1­ Changing World Output & World Trade Trade Changing Foreign Direct Investment Activity Investment FDI flows (1988­2008) Changing MNE’s and a Changing World Order Changing MNE’s Decline of the U.S. multinationals Emergence...
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