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Unformatted text preview: rts COURSE OBJECTIVES: See Course Outline For students: A required course For instructor: To insure that students enter the professional world with a global competitive advantage. HOW TO READ THE SCHEDULE HOW TENTATIVE – SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON NEEDS OF CLASS TERMS TERMS International Trade: the activity of a business exporting goods or services to another country Foreign Direct Investment: the activity of a business investing resources in business activities outside of its home country Multinational Business enterprise (MNE): a business that has productive activities in two or more countries Globalization Globalization Globalization What is Globalization? The shift from self­contained national economies towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy; an economic revolution which is superseding political inertia. Two key components of globalization: Globalization of markets Globalization of production Globalization of markets Globalization Separate national markets are merging into more of a “global” marketplace Standardized products result and some consumer tastes and preferences converge Significant differences exist; country­specific marketing strategies may be required for certain products or services (localization) Global brands Global Media creations Globalization of Production Globa...
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