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Ling 101 Chapter 5 Homework – Syntax 1. a) Grammatical. b) Ungrammatical. As a head, the verb “suggested” permits PPto and CP complements (prepositional phrases starting with “to” and complementizer phrases) to be added to it. Unlike a verb such as “told,” it does not allow NP CP complementizers to be added to the head, such as “The instructor told the students that they should study.” c) Grammatical. d) As a head, the verb “requested” permits NP complements. It does not permit PPfor complements (“for a cold beer”) as in the example sentence.
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Unformatted text preview: e) Grammatical. f) The verb “donated” permits NP PPto complements (such as “donated money to the Red Cross”), but not NP NP complements. g) Grammatical. h) Grammatical. i) Grammatical. j) This is ungrammatical use of the passive voice. An inanimate subject as a NP (“the article”) cannot permit a VP complement that is not in passive voice. The sentence should be “The article was written” (or NP VP). k) Ungrammatical. The adjective phrase “fed up” permits complements the complement PPwith, but not PPof....
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