2510 chem lab final exam notes - Chem 2510 Prelim Review...

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Chem 2510 Prelim Review Notes Fractional Distillation vapor and condensate from boiling liq are passed thru fractionation column before reaching dist. head. packing in column – beads, metal vapor rises thru collumn, condenses on packing, revaporizes continuously each revaporization = another simple dist. --> each yields richer distillate (low boiling component) by time vapor reaches dist. head separates comp w/similar boiling points greater column length = more efficient must be slow so = moles high boiling vapor condense and low boiling component vaporize @ each plate flood = cover up plates, decrease chance for vapor and liquid to come in contact. too much liq in some portions of packing glass beads = less holdup than metal sponge; less distillate loss loosely but uniformly packed holes decrease efficiency; tightness plugs column or floods it heat too rapid = no equilibrium betw. liq and vap; no good separation heat too strongly --> flood = too much liq in column. no eqm. often due also to nonuniform packing stop flooding by lowering heat source. insulate column Column chromat sep mix by dist components betw stationary and moving phase place mix on stationary phase (liq); mobile phase (liq) allowed to pass thru
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This note was uploaded on 01/10/2009 for the course CHEM 2510 taught by Professor Russo,s during the Fall '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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2510 chem lab final exam notes - Chem 2510 Prelim Review...

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