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ling 101 ASL hw - Ling 101 ASL Homework Pronouns 1...

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Ling 101 ASL Homework Pronouns 1. Possessive forms differ in hand shape from subject/object forms. 2. Reflexives differ in hand shape. 3. Plural forms take the same hand shape as singular forms. However, plural forms involve a different movement, with the hand forming a horizontal arc in front of the speaker’s body to indicate plurality. Singular forms simply point or make a forward or backward horizontal movement. 4. The dual form differs from the plural in movement and hand shape. Plural makes use of a hand with the index finger extended. The hand often makes some form of an arc movement in front of the body (such as “you all,” in which the hand makes a full horizontal arc). The dual form makes use of a hand with the index finger extended and the thumb and middle finger touching. The hand movement is a short horizontal jabbing motion, with the hand angled 90 degrees clockwise. Family Relationships 1. No, hand location does not provide information.
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