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sec56 - Math 2311 Class Notes for Section 5.6 5.6 Relations...

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Math 2311 Class Notes for Section 5.6 5.6 – Relations in Categorical Data A two-way table organizes the data for two categorical variables. The totals of each row and column are considered marginal distributions because they appear in the margins of the table. Example: The following two-way table describes the preferences in movies and pizza toppings for a random sample of 100 people. Enter the marginal distributions in the table. Draw a bar chart to display the marginal distribution of pizza topping preference. What percent of our sample likes Gone with the Wind? What percent of pepperoni lovers like Star Wars? Movie Pepperoni Hamburger Mushrooms Jurassic Park 20 5 10 Star Wars 15 15 12 Gone with the Wind 8 2 13
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A conditional distribution is made up of the percentages that satisfy a given condition. Compare the conditional distributions of movie preference for hamburger lovers and mushroom lovers. Back up your description with percentages.
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