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Mr murphy is an avid golfer suppose he has been using

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Unformatted text preview: – 1 degrees of freedom. x − µ0 , where s is the sample standard s/ n Examples: 10. Mr. Murphy is an avid golfer. Suppose he has been using the same golf clubs for quite some time. Based on this experience, he knows that his average distance when hitting a ball with his current driver (the longest-hitting club) under ideal conditions is 200 yards with a standard deviation of 9. After some preliminary swings with a new driver, he obtained the following sample of driving distances: 205 198 220 210 194 201 213 191 211 203 He feels that the new club does a better job. Do you agree? 13. An association of college bookstores reported that the average amount of money spent by students on textbooks for the Fall 2010 semester was $325.16. A random sample of 75 students at the local campus of the state university indicated an average bill for textbooks for the semester in question to be $312.34 with a standard deviation of $76.42. Do these data provide significant evidence that the actual average bill is different from the $325.16 reported? Test at the 1% significance level...
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