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Alveolus little hollow small cavity bucket 13

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Unformatted text preview: l cavity, bucket 13 alveolar 14 L. sinus – fold, curve (cavity) 15 almost enclosed structure L. antrum, cave 16 orantral Combining Forms for the Respiratory System 17 What is the difference between pharyngitis and laryngitis? the throat, the voice spot 18 Trachea [Gr. tracheia arteria] 19 trache- trachea trachytrach- rough trachel- neck tracheostenosis tracheostomy out of voice after screaming so much trachyphonia trachoma Bacterial disease, trachelology the study of neck trachelokyphosis middle stand Mediastinum 20 space between two organs Gr. glossa, glotta tongue 21 glottis the tongue epig...
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