Carbo carbonis burning burnt wood 10 diminish amount

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Unformatted text preview: ng, burnt wood 10 diminish amount of Co2 in blood carb/o carbon dioxide, carbon of the nature of Carbon hypocarbia carbonaceous carbuncleof the picture describtion 11 diminish O2 in the blood ox/o oxygen hypoxemia anoxic Lack of O2 in water hypoxia lack of O2 in tissue Gr. Oxys, sharp, acute, keen, pungent, acid (oxygen) 12 Oxy- oxylalia oxycephaly oxyphyte oxyphil 1. Lalia-speak, oxys-sharp 2. oxys-sharp. A pointed head 3. oxys- acid. Acidic plant 4. acidic like L. alveolus – little hollow, smal...
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