Glossa glotta tongue 21 glottis the tongue epiglottis

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Unformatted text preview: lottis upon the tongue glossopharyngeal the tongue anthropoglot the study of human tongue glottology study of languages L. thorax, thoracis 22 thorac/o chest thoracostomy thoracocentesis/thoracentesis semispinalis thoracis gas in the thorax space -thorax pneumothorax pyothorax Text Gr. Thorax, breastplate 23 L. pleura, pleurae 24 pleur/o pleura this is between the lung and thorax that produces mucus allow lung to move pleuroclysis pleural effusion pleurocentesis paries, perietis, wall / viscus, visceris, organs 25 Anatomical Terms - Tissue 26 ◦ Stroma structural tissue, give structure to the tissue ◦ Parenchyma ◦ Interstitium Procrustean bed / Procrustean method 27...
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