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Look this up 9 adjective valvula semilunaris dextra

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Unformatted text preview: tive • Valvula semilunaris dextra Shape of halfmoon, small valve is like a halfmoon L. Luna, demilune, lunatic Moon Halfmoon, medival latin demi=semi ? 10 • A narrowing of the mitral valve is a stenotic _________ valve? ? 11 • bicuspid, tricuspid, cuspis septalis point next or related to the septum 12 ? point 13 crown around the heart 14 The crown of the tooth Corona dentis Coronal ligament shape like a crown Coroner? ? 15 Adj arteria dorsalis pedis vena cava venae cordis minimae vas capillare vas deferens back of the foot ? smallest vein of the heart capillary vessel carrying-away vessel 16 You are on a medical mission in Peru. You are told to avoid a particular sandfly, phlebotomus verrucarum. From its name, what do you know about this sandfly? things that cut into the vein….? what is verrucarum? 17 18 Aorta Hanging on the heart Brachiocephalic Left common carotid Left subclavian Below the flatform 19 Ramification making branches ramus dexter a. pulmonalis right branch of the artery 20...
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