Pulmonalis right branch of the artery 20 arcade 21

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Unformatted text preview: arcade 21 Bifurcated utensil 22 adding to the end of the word plexus one pipe connects to another and link to another plexiform complex vs. simplexfrom latin meaning simple, 23 reconnecting the two streams that have previously branch out Stoma Venovenostomy Xerostomia a hole in a vessel ( just a hole in general) joinninh two veins together dry mouth T 24 Sphygmus Sphygmomanometer Anisosphygmia pulse Hand Measure not equal pulse, one pulse is not same as other 25 Herophilus (c. 330260 BC) • Diastole, Systole. Rhythm Pulse lore 26 Bradycardia / Tachycardia Bradyarrhythmia / Tachyarrhythmia Fast lack of rhthym slow lack of rhymthm • Accelerated idioventricular rhythm particular to ventricle 27 Chest 28 29...
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