Exam2MCA - COP 3223 Section 1 Exam#2 Form A Multiple Choice...

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COP 3223 Section 1 Exam #2 Form A – Multiple Choice Fall 2006 10/24/06 Lecturer: Arup Guha Directions: This portion of the exam is closed book. Answer all multiple choice questions on the scantron. Each question has a single correct answer. In case of ambiguities, choose the most accurate answer. Each of these questions is worth 2 points for a correct answer. Incorrect answers and questions left blank are worth 0 points. There are a total of 40 possible points to earn on this section. You will have 30 minutes to finish this section. When you finish this section, double check that you have bubbled in your PID and Exam Version on the scantron and then hand in the scantron ONLY . Then you will receive the Free Response portion of the exam, which is out of 60 points. You may start on that section immediately, but may not use your textbook until all students have turned in their scantron.
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1) Which of the following has a return value closest to 4? a) pow(2, 3) b) sqrt(pow(4,4)) c) pow(sqrt(2), 4) d) sqrt(16*pow(2, 1)) e) pow(.5, 2) 2) Which of the following returns a random integer in between -12 and 12? a) rand()
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Exam2MCA - COP 3223 Section 1 Exam#2 Form A Multiple Choice...

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