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Psych 101 12-3 Anxiety Disorders OCD Causes: Environmental Genetic predisposition Biochemical Treatment: Anti-anxiety agents (benzodiazepines) - Ativan, valium Behavior Therapy Cognitive Therapy What is effective depends on the cause Dissociative Disorders Blocking off memories through: Psychogenic Amnesia – “childhood sexual abuse” Psychogenic Fugue- actual physical fleeing from the situation that’s uncomfortable Multiple Personality – 20000 cases; traumatic experience - completely unaware of the other - it’s not schizophrenia (disorganized, not multiple) - Therapy: integration of personality (80% cured)
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Unformatted text preview: Are there really multiple personalities (brain waves, eye movements, urine) Or is this merely role playing, suggested by a therapist ($$) or assumed by a criminal? Psychoses-Excessive withdrawal shelter them from reality-Delusions degrees of organization ranges from specific ones to random make no sense disillusions of schizophrenic o Varieties: Persecution (FBI) o Influence (Organ- instrument), ie externally. o Grandeur (Ypsilanti) 3 Christs brought together became Holy Trinity. Take turns doing duties Hallucinations Varieties: Auditory...
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