Pysch 101 10-27 - What have scientists learned? Sensory...

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Pysch 101 10/27/08 A good teacher is gently insistent Auditory Threshold Normal Hearing auditory detail is impaired Stretch out and enunciate consonants Hearing may be like a bad mobile phone connection Echolalia increases as receptive language becomes worse – Jacqueline Roberts 1997 Signs of visual processing problems Finger flicking near eyes Tilts head Hates escalators Hates fluorescent lights Difficulty catching a ball Eye exams may be normal Interventions for Visual processing problems Incandescent lap by desk Block fluorescent lights with a hat Laptop computer Gray tan or pastel paper Irlen lenses or pale colored glasses Balancing games – sit on ball Prism glasses – Developmental Optometrist
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Unformatted text preview: What have scientists learned? Sensory problems are real Immature lower brain areas Abnormal circuits between different brain regions Sensory problems are variable Many word based tasks are processed in visual areas of the brain Frontal cortex is used less because it has missing circuits Details are attended to instead of whole gestalts Autism faster response time to small letters Develop Talents in Individuals Spet Brain 1) Visual thinking poor at algebra 2) Music and math 3) Verbal facts language translation poor at drawing Social interaction through shared interests School clubs Hobbies Careers Classes that really interest the individual...
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Pysch 101 10-27 - What have scientists learned? Sensory...

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