Psych 101 10-24

Psych 101 10-24 - Facilitative communication with autistic...

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Failure to use control group Improvement could be due to 1) Spontaneous remission 2) Suggestion of pill’s effect 3) Getting attention 4) A change in weather, lighting, etc … Basic Experimental Design 1) Define the population of subjects 2) Draw a random sample 3) Divide a sample into experimental and control groups Depend. Var (MMPI) Pre test Ind. Variable Dep. Var MMPI (post) Exp: Before Pill MMPI again Control: Before Placebo MMPI again Necessary Controls Placebo: Controls for autosuggestion Hawthorne Effect – increase in motivation from getting attention Increased lighting and rest condition - 2400 relays/week (Huge increase in productivity) Decreased lighting and rest conditions – 3000 relays/week (even bigger production) This is cause of hawthorne effect, not because of lighting/rest change Keep subjects “blind” Controls for: John Henry effect Above average performance in response to competition (1870- Hammering steel drills in rock) Keep assistants “blind” Controls for experimenter expectancy
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Unformatted text preview: Facilitative communication with autistic patients Type writer – hold arm to help type so they can communicate their thoughts Experimental [Aexp – Acont] – [Bexp – Bcontrol] Stage Hypnosis 1) Is hypnosis necessary? 2) The power image 3) The volunteers – already cooperative/extroverted 4) The susceptibility test – weeding out 5) The trance induction – Are you getting sleepy? Defines situation as requiring hypnosis, but it doesn’t! 6) The “unwilling” subject Typical Demonstration 1) Human Plank 2) Pain Avoidance 3) Failure to challenge— a. “you can’t bend your elbow” Not: “try to bend your elbow” 4) The famous person act Stage Hypnosis Audience assumes hypnotist is controlling behavior and S is helpless All it takes is: Suggestible audience Few cooperative hams Subjects don’t actually have to be hypnotized Anton Mesmer (1776) Influence of the planets in the cure of disease...
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Psych 101 10-24 - Facilitative communication with autistic...

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