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Psych 101 10-22 The interview- a method for gathering information or assessing traits Loaded questions? The myth of repressed memory, false memories and allegations of sexual abuse – Dr Elizabeth Unreliability of interviews 1) Untrained interviewers, inadequate questions, often irrelevant to predicting success 2) Interviewers use different criteria for success on job How to give and take an interview 1) Establish rapport (voice and gestures) a. The first 15 seconds is critical 2) focus on: a. past performance b. Creative thinking c. Hypothetical situation d. Knowledge of the company e. Appearance and social skills
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Unformatted text preview: f. Communication skills 3) Use completion probes: “Um-Hm” “I see” i. Pause smile nod; also neg. reinf. 4) keep or take control of interview – case histories: nodding 101 students 5) understand what is being said… 6) mimic gestures 7) use interviewer’s name 8) get interviewer talking 9) follow up with letter 10) be prepared start now. a. Differentiate yourself b. Take a different path, give of yourself c. Work in another culture, produce tangible results d. Get to know faculty Letters of Recommendation Selection bias Fear of disclosure...
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