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Psych 101 11-3

Psych 101 11-3 - The waterfall illusion Moon illusion The...

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Psych 101 11-3-08 The Ames Window Illusion Past experience and assumptions about the built environment can lead our perception astray The Future building, New York We assume balconies are rectangular so they look slanted Actually leveled Outline can also suggest shape Checkered Shadow Illusion by Ted Adelson Cornsweet illusion Assimilation Illusion Herman Grid Illusion Scintillating grid illusion – black dots Perspective Illusion Diagonal Illusion Subjective or Illusory Contours The illusions The relationship between perceived size and apparent distance Emmert’s Law The perceived size of an afterimage is directly related to the apparent distance. Opponent process theory – additive color mixture, lights Looking at: --- Fatigues - Leaves (When stimulated by white) Blue Blue Red Green Green Black Nothing White Yellow red, green blue
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Unformatted text preview: The waterfall illusion Moon illusion The distance to the horizon is perceived further away than the distance to the zenith Horizon moon looks bigger than zenith moon Bisecting the half-arc angle In reality – if two objects the same size are actually at different distances away … Then the object that is further away has a smaller retinal image and looks smaller Cues for depth and distance 1. Primary (Physiological) a. Accommodation <3,4 feet cornea becomes bigger looking at closer items b. Convergence <10 feet focus on object closer c. Retinal disparity i. Which is your dominant eye 3-D pictures are created by stereoscopic cameras, based on retinal disparity 2. Secondary (Psychological) a. Pictorial (2 Dimensional) b. Monocular 3. Linear Perspective The smoking room...
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Psych 101 11-3 - The waterfall illusion Moon illusion The...

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