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Unformatted text preview: e standard against which everything else is judged. The most effective way to defuse racial ideology is to bring people together under conditions that enable them to deal with one another as individuals. Assimilation, Pluralism, Amalgamation Amalgamation Assimilation: immigrants abandon their uniqueness. – – – Competition. Accommodation. Assimilation. Park Pluralism: immigrants are encouraged to maintain their differences. Amalgamation: immigrants contribute some characteristics and abandon others. Sporting Effects Sporting Pooley (1981) found that playing soccer did not encourage assimilation. Participants spoke their first languages. Donnelly (1981) replicated the study and came to the opposite conclusion. Playing soccer promoted assimilation. Contradictory results are likely due to stricter immigration policy. Players needed to speak one common language. A Snapshot of Canada Snapshot 2006 Census Data Canada has just over 33 million people. Over 200 ethnic origins self­reported. 6.2 million were born outside Canada. Immigration continues at a rate...
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