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Unformatted text preview: of <1%. A Snapshot of Canada II Snapshot Almost 70% of immigrants settle in Canada’s three major cities. Over 5 million identified themselves as visible minorities. Almost 1.2 million were Aboriginal. Francophone-Anglophone Relations Relations Francophones have historically been marginalized from participation in Canadian sports. Trempe found that, between 1908­1974, francophones: – Comprised 25%­30% of Canadian national athletes. – Never exceeded 10% of Canada’s athletes at the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Pan­Am Games and Commonwealth Games. Francophone-Anglophone Relations II Relations Francophones have been “stacked” in ice hockey. They are also paid less in defensive roles. “Stacked” in short track speed skating, freestyle skiing, diving, women’s water polo, and synchronized swimming. Francophone-Anglophone Relations III Relations Myri...
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