Thisisoftenreferredtoasthethomas theorem

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Unformatted text preview: roups are small. C. Genetic differences are behaviourally insignificant. W. I. Thomas said: W. “If people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences”. This is often referred to as the “Thomas theorem”. In this case, the belief in race gives rise to interpersonal racism. History of Race History Europeans developed the construction of race in the seventeenth century as they explored the world and found people who looked different from themselves. The “white man’s burden”. Racial Ideologies Racial Continuous traits vs. types of people. “One drop rule”. Tiger Woods and “Cablinasian” – 1/4th Thai. – 1/4th Chinese. – 1/4th African­American. – 1/8th Native American. – 1/8th White. Racial Ideologies II Racial Genocide: Systematic destruction of an identifiable population. Stereotyping: Generalizations used to define and judge all individuals. Race and Sports Race Qualities of white and black athletes (p.265). Whiteness is considered the reference point, or th...
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