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Psych 101 10-28 - 3 Selective attention tunnel vision 4...

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Psych 101 10/28/08 The History of Hypnosis Anton Mesmer (1776)- mesmerist James Braid (1840) Sleep-like trance: hypnosis Heightened suggestibility; Power is in the hypnotized S Watch technique James Esdaile (1885) 300 operations using hypnosis Sigmund Freud (1885) Uncovering the unconscious Dr. Earnest Hilgard – 1980 Incredulous Mere words can Dramatically change Perception and behaviors Individual differences Divided Consciousness Hidden Observer Definition of Hypnosis A state of believed in imagination where distortions of perception and memory are possible for some subjects Post Hypnotic Suggestions Yes they work for limited time for specific people. Negative Hallucinations Not seeing what’s there Characteristics of hypnosis 1) subject is highly motivated to cooperate (smoking clinics) 2) Subsidence of one’s own planning
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Selective attention- tunnel vision 4) Tolerance for inconsistencies Uses of Hypnosis Self-hypnosis: Images in sports for relaxation and confidence Learning: a) Acquisition of rote material: aids concentration by reducing distractions b) Source amnesia (if suggested) Antisocial acts under hypnosis? No criminal or immoral activity under normal hypnotic conditions Redefining the situation (snake/horse) People do anti-social acts without hypnosis-Controls (not hypnotized) and non-susceptible simulators will throw acid, shock strangers, etc Hypnosis in medicine and therapy Reduce pain? Who is susceptible? 85-90% of population 9-10 year olds are best Senile and schizophrenics are poorest Reactions to being hypnotized 1 aggression, hostility, fear...
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Psych 101 10-28 - 3 Selective attention tunnel vision 4...

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