Psych 101 10-15

Psych 101 10-15 - 1 behavior is natural 2 a must method for...

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Psych 101 10-15-08 “Mind reading’ “Guess the card generated by computer” How was the subject selected? Catherine’s ESP skill? Stage Magic How was the information gathered? ESP? Stage Magic (Research) Information gathering by Cold Reading John Edward – crossing over, the stories behind the stories Naturalistic Observations 1) Observe a representative sample 2) Observe all relevant factors 3) Make unbiased observations 4) Do not disturb the behavior a. Hide from sight b. Become a participant observer c. Become a permanent fixture Secondary Records Research Causes of anorexia in young women Read diaries of young women Causes of sharks attacks Read hospital records – study environment etc to try to gather hypothesis Violent behavior of sport fans Read Newspapers Advantages to naturalistic observations:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. behavior is natural 2. a must method for studying some phenomena 3. good for exploratory research a. 12-16 hrs after birth for geese, imprint. Whoever is there is the mother Participant- Observer Studies a. Blue-Collar journal: John Coleman Dishwasher, Ditch Digger, Garbage Man d. Observing mental patients e. Observing hospital staff i. Rosenhan: Hearing voices (“empty, dull thud”) 1. gained entrance to psychological hospitals by faking hearing voices. Then abandoned symptom and behave normally. 6.5 min a day with contact with staff. No one said they are sane. Video about naturalistic Observation Phone call drag guy/girl away. Observe the students reactions. Rosenthal: Pygmalion in the Classroom...
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Psych 101 10-15 - 1 behavior is natural 2 a must method for...

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