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chapter_12 - Chapter 12 Genes Expression and Regulation 1...

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1 1 Chapter 12 Genes: Expression and Regulation 2 Constitutive Enzymes 3 Regulation of mRNA Synthesis regulation of gene expression conserves energy and raw materials maintains balance between the amounts of various cell proteins allows organism to adapt to long- term environmental change 4 Induction and Repression inducible enzyme level increases in presence of inducer small molecule, usually substrate of catabolic pathway in which enzyme functions repressible enzyme level decreases in presence of corepressor usually end product of biosynthetic pathway in which the enzyme functions
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2 5 Negative Control presence of regulatory protein (repressor) at regulatory site (operator) decreases mRNA synthesis repressor proteins exist in active and inactive forms inducers and corepressors alter activity of repressor 6 an operon promoter operator Figure12.23 negative control of catabolic pathway • the goal – make enzymes of pathway only when
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