CH304K Chapter 1 Notes part 3 (1)

012305 05123 but you report 05 multiplication or

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Unformatted text preview: he LEAST CERTAIN NUMBER (one with the smallest number of decimal places itself) 0.0123+0.5= 0.5123 but you report 0.5 MULTIPLICATION or DIVISION You can only have as many SIGNIFICANT FIGURES as there are in the LEAST CERTAIN NUMBER (one with the smallest number of significant digits itself) 0.123*5.5=0.6765 but you report 0.68 MULTIPLE STEPS: NEVER ROUND ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED!! If your calculator gives you a nine digit number as the answer to part of a step, record that and use it. That way, you are less likely to introduce rounding errors. RULE FOR FIVES: If the first number you are going to drop is a 5: ONLY look at that 5 and the number before it. Round to make the number before it EVEN. So 12,540 AND 11,540 both would become 12,000 if we are only allowed 2SF. OVERALL MATH RULE: ALWAYS think about the numbers you have been given and make sure your ans...
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