CH304K Chapter 1 Notes part 3 (1)

Hence we have emissions testing see fig 116 leaded

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Unformatted text preview: vehicle will have worse emissions. Hence we have emissions testing. (See Fig 1.16) Leaded Gasoline Tetraethyl lead used as an anti-knock* gasoline additive for 50 years. BUT: Lead compounds ‘poison’ and destroy catalytic converters As cars with “cats” were phased in, leaded gasoline was phased out. * premature explosion of the fuel/air mix in the car engine. OZONE: a SECONDARY pollutant: Caused by fact that engine emissions include NO2: This breaks down in sunlight: NO2 NO + O O is very reactive and so quickly: O + O2 O3 What is the weather like on “Ozone Action” days? Fig 1.18 a-e show how ozone levels track well with daylight. Fig 1.19 shows ozone pollution from the Northeastern US drifting up into Canada, illustrating the 'tragedy of the commons'.. air is common to all so no one person or country is responsible....
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