CH304K Chapter 1 Notes part 3 (1)

Indoor air pollution modern buildings are made to

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Unformatted text preview: Thus its harder to police or prevent the pollution. Indoor Air Pollution Modern buildings are made to keep air IN : lowers amount of electricity for heating and A/C; - saves $$ - less coal burnt to generate power, so less SO2. BUT: Buildings have become almost TOO sealed: pollutants can build up - ppb or higher; can be higher than outdoors - leads to ‘sick building syndrome’ Indoor Air Pollutants VOC’s , NO, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, PM (although NO2, SO2, O3 are not so bad as they are produced outside more often so have reacted before they get inside the building) Add 1000+ more hazardous chemicals if someone is smoking..! Candles & Incense can also deplete O2 and add pollutants. See Table 1.8 for a list of VOC's emitted by paint, this is a very common source of VOC's and this is why there has been a push to come up with environmentall...
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