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sympatric speciation via polyploidy mutation that

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Unformatted text preview: cent perception • Still interbreed… for now… • Disruptive selection!! Sympatric Speciation via Polyploidy (mutation that doubles DNA) Offspring of a tetraploid / diploid mating sterile Plants – 70% polyploid 4 10/1/2013 DIVERGENCE Divergence may result in Reproductive Isolation (Biological Species Concept): Pre fertilization Barriers 1. Habitat – live in different places 2. Behavioral – e.g. diff. mating dance 3. Temporal – diff. breeding times 4. Mechanical – physical incompatibility 5. Gamete – sperm and egg can’t fuse -Pre: Prevents sperm and egg from coming together -Can also result in morphological changes or phylogenetic differences Post fertilization barriers hybrid weak or infertile. Can also get hybrid zones (healthy hybrid) Adaptive Radiation • Many new species from one species • Either new habitats or morphological innovation • Finches, cichlids (fish), fruit flies, mammals! 5 10/1/2013 “Speciation Cascades” Speciation Begets Speciation -Some species are more likely to speciate than others • Groups who speciated in past more likely to speciate in future • Drosophila and cichlids (speciators; adaptive radiation) versus horseshoe crab 6...
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