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Unformatted text preview: vergence- differential evo.; diff. trajectories -Species concepts 1 10/1/2013 Phylogeny – represents the “family tree” of a group Very own little group-monophyletic “Bison” is a monophyletic group – one branch on a phylogenetic tree Bison has subspecies (not shown on tree): • Plains bison • Wood bison Dusky Seaside Sparrows One species with six subspecies Ammodramus maritimus How many species using the: Morphospecies concept? Assume all look distinct. Biological? Assume they can all interbreed. Phylogenetics? See above. ISOLATION 2 10/1/2013 Two Types of Speciation (ways to stop gene flow) 1. Allopatric – physical separation via dispersal (movement) or vicariance (barriers!) • Geography Grand Canyon is an example of vicariance Allopatric Speciation Dispersal versus Vicariance Two Types of Speciation (ways to stop gene flow) 2. Sympatric – isolation in same area… • Environmental separation (habitat differences) 3 10/1/2013 Sympatric Speciation Hawthorn and Apple Flies • Hawthorns and Hawthorn flies native to US • Apple trees introduced 1700s • Hawthorn and apples smell different and fruit at different times (habitat isolation) • Now two groups of flies… • Flies differ genetically in s...
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