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Political Culture

Society political culture consists of actual values

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Unformatted text preview: society. Political culture consists of actual values, Political attitudes and beliefs most people hold in society. Public opinion and political culture Public Public opinion reflects people’s short term Public outlook. Example: Health care reform outlook. Transient in nature. Transient Political culture is a deep seated value of the Political people at large. people Ideology, political culture and public opinion are all related, but not the same. all Malleability of Political Culture Malleability Some people believe that political culture can be Some molded. Iraq war (2003) is based on this assumption. assumption. Culturalists believe that political culture cannot Culturalists be changed. So US effort to democratize Iraq is futile. Political Socialization Political The process by which the political culture of a society is carried on from one generation to another. another. The process of shaping and transmitting political culture. political It entails changes over time leading to a transformation of the political culture. transformation Agents of Political Socialization Agents Family Education Peer Groups The Media Professional Associations Religious Groups Political Parties The Military Classification of Political Culture Classification Democratic Authoritarian Consensual and Conflictual Confusian...
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