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members of different species do not usually mate

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Unformatted text preview: -members of different species do not usually mate with Each other. If they do, the offspring are usually not Fertile. -reproductive isolation prevents gene flow and keeps Species separate. Cichlids??? Not clear cut. Other Species Concepts The morphological species concept • Classifies organisms based on observable Classifies phenotypic traits - used for both fossil and living species… species… • The ecological species concept • Defines a species by its ecological role or niche The phylogenetic species concept • Defines a species as a set of organisms representing Defines a specific evolutionary lineage specific Reproductive barriers keep species Reproductive separate separate Reproductive barriers serve to isolate a species' Reproductive gene pool and prevent interbreeding gene • Prezygotic barriers prevent mating or fertilization Prezygotic between species between Temporal isolation: Species breed at different Temporal times times Behavioral isolation: There is little or no sexual Behavioral attraction between species due to specific behaviors behaviors Different species of skunk can become and remain separate because of differences in reproductive t...
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