9-Elevated Temp & Fracture

Recrystallization of cold worked metals

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Unformatted text preview: ecrystallized structure. Recrystallization of Cold Worked Metals Recrystallization Kinetics in Al Structure-Property Relationship via Annealing Figure 6.6 FACTORS AFFECTING RECRYSTALLIZATION 1. Prior deformation 2. Temperature 3. Time 4. Initial grain size 5. Alloy composition GRAIN GROWTH Grains grow in order to reduce surface energy in the structure. Higher temperatures and longer times increase grain size until equilibrium size is reached. HIGH TEMPERATURES Increase grain size Decrease grain boundary area Grain boundaries are weaker than grains, therefore less grain boundaries increase strength (at low temperatures more grain boundaries increase strength) Coarse grain material needed for high temperature strength ELEVATED TEMPERATURE IS IMPORTANT IN: Steam turbines Jet engines Furnace design Nuclear reactors Internal combustion engines Chemical processing equipment High temperature pressure lines and vessels High speed cutting tools Compressors HIGH TEMPERATURE IS A RELATIVE TERM...
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